Florida Bankruptcy Group, LLC
Why are you here?

We represent people or companies with debt issues.
Debt issues are not limited to owing too much money.  We represent debtors, folks and companies which are "underwater", drowning in debt.  We also have extensive experience helping creditors participate in the bankruptcy process to maximize their recovery.  Call to discuss your particular situation.  
​Key facts about Florida Bankruptcy Group:
  • Two attorneys and one paralegal with combined experience of almost 80 years.
  • We have extensive experience in  Chapter 7, including challenges to exemptions, objections to discharge, relief from stay, and discovery related to all aspects of Chapter 7.
  • In Chapter 11 we have taken a wide range of clients through to confirmation of a plan (contested and uncontested), including publicly-traded companies and individuals.  We have prosecuted and defended many types of adversary proceedings including: fraudulent transfer (avoidance and defense); preferential payments (avoidance and defense).  We have represented "hard-money lenders" in Chapter 11, just ask for a few referrals.
  • We accept clients from Key West to Miami to Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton to West Palm Beach to Fort Pierce to Sebastian to Orlando to Tampa to Sarasota to Fort Myers, and everywhere in between.
  • We initially prefer to have a telephone conference to learn about your issues and challenges.  Then we can determine whether we are able to assist you.
  • If price is your sole determining factor, you will find attorneys who quote lower fees.  You get what you pay for.
  • We don't ship out a client when a difficult issue arises in a case.  We handle all contested matters, adversary proceedings, and appeals -all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.
  • Choose us if you need a full-service law firm with extensive experience in all aspects of bankruptcy cases.
You are here because: you are considering options for dealing with a debt issue; you have already filed bankruptcy and need assistance; someone has filed bankruptcy who owes you money and you need help navigating the bankruptcy system; you have been sued by a bankruptcy trustee (or debtor-in-possession in Chapter 11) for recovery of something you received before or after the bankruptcy filing.

This site is not intended to be a reference resource.  There are many resources on the Internet which explain the different chapters of bankruptcy, etc...  We offer a free telephone conference during which we will learn about you and tailor an explanation of your options.